Project of metal separators from Magnetix Company

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Removing unwanted materials and elements is certainly one of the most important processes in any economic sector. If you plan to be competitive and efficient you need to deal with such materials in an effective manner. In order to do so you can make use of grate magnets. They are useful in many situations. The process of metal separation has many sides. It all depends on the type of industry and objectives of a company. We can safely say that the decision of choosing a given magnetic separator depends on the economic sector we are working in.

Separation of metals is key in recycling. Facilities that take care of different kinds of waste utilize grate magnets and other separators. A huge gamut of tools enables such firms to recover useful metal elements. Grate magnets are also used in high capacity industry. Here, they are responsible for cleaning biofuels, liquids, and types of coals. Such instruments are designed for special tasks in power plant facilities, mines and chemical plants. Machines for metal separation such as eddy current separator or magnetic pulley are also employed in cement factories to protect mills, screens as well as crushers. Moreover, magnetic pulley is employed to protect facilities for waste sorting.

It is clear that metal separation is key for high quality processing in a number of sectors. Such machines are of great importance for two reasons. First, they enable effective protection of industry devices. Second, they help detecting valuable metal elements that can be utilized again in the future or sold. This shows how important is metal separation.


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